David Munechika

DiffusionDB: A Large-scale Prompt Gallery Dataset for Text-to-Image Generative Models

Zijie J. Wang
Evan Montoya
Haoyang Yang
Benjamin Hoover
ACL 2023 (ACL), 2023
#1 Trending Dataset, #2 Most Liked Dataset on HuggingFace
Nominated for Best Paper Award, selected for oral presentation


With recent advancements in diffusion models, users can generate high-quality images by writing text prompts in natural language. However, generating images with desired details requires proper prompts, and it is often unclear how a model reacts to different prompts and what the best prompts are. To help researchers tackle these critical challenges, we introduce DiffusionDB, the first large-scale text-to-image prompt dataset. DiffusionDB contains 14 million images generated by Stable Diffusion using prompts and hyperparameters specified by real users. We analyze prompts in the dataset and discuss key properties of these prompts. The unprecedented scale and diversity of this human-actuated dataset provide exciting research opportunities in understanding the interplay between prompts and generative models, detecting deepfakes, and designing human-AI interaction tools to help users more easily use these models. DiffusionDB is publicly available at: https://poloclub.github.io/diffusiondb.




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